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Winter game: Your own snowman!


Its almost Christmas and your kids are eager to leave the house and have fun making a snowman, but the winter is green and snowless? Its high time to download to your phone or tablet the app Frosty the Man Of Snow. Its a family game designed for younger children, where the player can roll up big balls of snow, arrange them into a snowman, and adorn him with beautiful accessories and decorations!GAME FEATURES
- Christmas atmosphere filled with fun and joy;- Colorful graphics and cartoon-like children-orientated design;- Several styles of snowman accessories;- Virtually unlimited outfit combinations;- Development of the babys fine motor skills, sense of style and imagination;- Screenshots and photos of the dolled-up snowmen available!
It was snowing last night, and the family skating rink is covered with a thick layer of the whitest, most fluffy and packable snow! The surrounding view is a fantasy: a house with large windows deserving to be the home of Santa Claus, a few Christmas trees nearby, a neat fence around the rink, the snow mantel covered with fresh footprints (probably of Santa Claus himself!)
Its high time to go outside and have fun modeling that white substance into a handsome snowman (or even a snow-girl in a skirt!)
First, youll need snowballs. Traditionally, three are rolled up – a large for the legs, a medium for the body, and a small for the head. Frosty the Man Of Snow doesnt limit young players to just 3-piece snowmen. At the snow-covered skating rink you can pack up to 5 snowballs ranging from huge to tiny. Press the Plus button on your left to add a newly-created snowball to the gallery on your right. When you have enough balls of snow, press the Back button to go to the yard and make a snowman.
Next step, build a five-star snowman from the snowballs and decorate him with the accessories available. Put a larger ball of snow as the foundation, add a medium-sized one and top the sculpture with a smaller snowball.
Now you have to gift some nice clothes to newcomer Frosty. At your disposal, theres a huge arsenal of outfit components: - 15 types of eyes;- 21 noses (including a banana one), mouths, teeth and lips; - 12 hair-styles (including 3 girl hair options), beards and mustaches;- 24 top garments (scarfs, buttons, wings, tails, collars);- 15 hats (bucket, paper bag, animal horns and more);- 14 types of stick hands; - 4 decorations for Frosty to hold in his hands (star-topped wand, rake and more).
The baby can take a screenshot of each snowman and view it in the photo album with mom, sister or even grandma!
Fill your home with the holiday atmosphere of wonder playing this fantasy-stirring Christmas game Frosty the Man Of Snow together will your family! Dress Frosty and each new brother of his to be super-star snowmen! The app is especially engaging for a baby or a toddler. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and even grand-parents can have fun playing together with the kids.